The Village Offenberg in Bavaria,
South Germany

The beautiful village Offenberg in South Germany
The entrance to our village: Click to enlarge, 29 KB The center of our village: Click to enlarge, 38 KB One of the last stables here: Click to enlarge, 30 KB The Fire Brigade: click to enlarge, 35 KB
The Offenberg castle: click to enlarge, 25 KB Aschenau, click to enlarge, 23 KB The Hubing area: click to enlarge, 42 KB Wolfstein: click to enlarge, 28 KB
Wolfstein: click to enlarge, 33 KB The Backside of Offenberg: click to enlarge, 24 KB One of the oldest buildings: click to enlarge, 48 KB Fresh fruit: click to enlarge, 29 KB
The main village Neuhausen: click to enlarge, 21 KB Natternberg: click to enlarge, 22 KB A close view to the castle: click to enlarge, 33 KB An old Bakery: click to enlarge, 39 KB


Documents from former times
A Postcard from the year 1910
The first Offenberg sports community
Mail from Offenberg
only a few can read this today
The Offenberg Football team
in the year 1930
360º Panorama of the village:
Drag your mouse to pan or tilt the view
click on the yellow bullets to see the next view
If you need a place to stay for vacation, visit the Landgasthof Koller in Aschenau with B&B and Bavarian food.
The local community asked me to remove my request on donations for the renewal of our village because of some articles in a few newspapers.
I am sorry but I have to comply with this. Offenberg has it's own Website. Visit them at, the contents are available in german language only.

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